What is Weather Blur?

WeatherBlur is a community-based non-hierarchal citizen science platform that allows communities to develop their own research programs, called investigations, to help them solve a local problem that is related to weather and/or climate changing events.

In WeatherBlur we are looking for investigations that can do a few things:

  1. Really help our community understand the environment (climate, biology, oceanography, ecology, geology etc) in which we live and
  2. Help our community plan for changes in our environment - either short term dramatic events or long term changes.

WeatherBlur investigations tend to fall into one or more of a number of themes. These themes are:

  1. Environmental/Ecological changes due to climate change
  2. Weather, sky and water observations
  3. Severe weather events

These themes may be expanded as communities work on new problems that they wish to address.

Click on DATASETS above to see the full list of available datasets, and let your curiosity be your guide!

Why Data Literacy?

Data literacy is essential in our global knowledge-based economy. Social-ecological data literacy empowers people to understand how to use data to help answer pressing questions and support claims about the real world around us. It also enables people to be intelligent, critical ‘consumers’ of the evidence or data behind claims they encounter in their everyday lives.

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